[Mediawiki-l] MySQL $wgDBmysql5 mistake(s)...

henry jean-luc jean.luc.henry at gmail.com
Thu May 17 03:37:19 UTC 2007


I know this is experimental and I know that I've done a terrible
mistake but I've done it!... Now how can I repair?

Because, I'm not sure that this is my only problem, but it seems that
I'm in big troubles :/

I'm running http://fr.ekopedia.org web site since 4 years and we are
using Mediawiki since 2 years and half. The db have migrate from host
to host (fortunately all Linux) and from MySQL versions to others. The
db is actually a bit more than 300Mo and archives are available at:

My problems actually are:
- it seems that there is multiples encoding inside the db (used iconv to check).
- specials characters (like in esperanto) are turned into literal
question marks.
- mysqlhotcopy (a standard backup mysql tool) does a backup that is
impossible to reimport.
- dumpBackup.php seems to work perfectly but in time to reimporting,
MySQL or mwdumper.jar say that some entry is already there and it stop
without going further.
- last but not least... Mediawiki application seems to get stucked
sometimes on SQL queries. Result is that the server get so loaded that
my only solution is to reboot!... This was happening not so frequently
but now it's quiet all days.....

So does anyone can give me advises on how I can do ?


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