[Mediawiki-l] printing external link as [url text] control

revansx at cox.net revansx at cox.net
Tue May 8 19:54:12 UTC 2007

Hi, I have searched the archives and could not find a resolution to the following issue:

The printable page for all my articles where I format external links does not format as I would like it to.

For example, if I include the following wiki markup:

Click [http://www.big.long.complicated.URL?on=the&net=with%20lots%20of&Post%20Data HERE]

it looks like this in my article:

Click HERE

but, when I try to print it... looks more like this:

Click HERE (http://www.big.long.complicated.URL?on=the&net=with%20lots%20of&Post%20Data)

My suspicion is..., that it was purposely decided to behave this way so that a hard-copy would not loose any embedded information (Simple "Click HERE" looses its meaning on a print out).

However, I am hoping that there is a way to control this behavior?
please advise...

fyi, I am stuck with mediawiki v1.6.10.
- rich (revansx)

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