[Mediawiki-l] Calling refreshLinks.php for page with remote transclusion crashes

Rolf Lampa rolf.lampa at rilnet.com
Tue May 8 06:43:24 UTC 2007


Just noticed aconsistent behavior. I have a set of pages (several 
thousand) , which all contains a transcluded part of the page from a 
remote location (all from the same location). The transclusion works 
well, but when processing these pages with refreshLinks.php every one of 
them causes refreshLinks.php to halt (immediately) with a msg suggesting 
to turn on debugging (well, I did, but no message was reported). It just 
halts, all of them.

I commented out the transcluded part on these pages (luckily it was 
controlled with a template) and then these kind of pages passes the 
refreshLinks.php again as normal.


// Rolf Lampa

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