[Mediawiki-l] Internal link with query string?

Daniel Barrett danb at VistaPrint.com
Mon May 7 21:01:11 UTC 2007

>Well, you probably want to avoid modifying the core code if at all
>- it will make future upgrades much more difficult if you do.

I agree, though we encapsulate our changes pretty well using Subversion
"vendor branches."

>I really don't understand enough about the problem to help
>- it seems you're trying to mix wikitext, wfMsg text and php code
>- so I'm confused as to what you're trying to do.  What's the end goal?

Sure: here's the background.

At my company, we want our wiki pages to contain certain standard
information: an introductory overview, a "Foo" heading, a "Bar"
subheading, etc.  In fact, we have numerous "standard" article types:
New Project page, Requirements Document page, Technical Spec page,
Laundry List page, etc.  I want to define these types, and when the user
edits a brand new article of these types, we want some standard, initial
wikitext automatically inserted into the editor.

I have evaluated several extensions that do similar things, but they are
all limited in various ways.  (I can go into detail if desired.)

So I wrote a Special page that presents the user with a dropdown list of
these "preset" article types:   Select one, enter an article name, and
you're dropped into the editor with the correct starting wikitext ready
to go.  Want a requirements document? Just select Requirements Document,
enter an article name, and click Submit.  You're in the editor.

This works fine as a Special page.  But now I want to modify
Special:Search to link to my Special page. Instead of displaying:

  '''There is no page titled "$1".''' You can [[:$1|create this page]].

I want it to offer the user a choice between a blank page or a standard
article type:

  '''There is no page titled "$1".''' You can create this page
[[:$1|blank]] or using
[[{{fullurl:Special:MyPresetPageTypes|arg={{urlencode:$1}}}} a standard
article type]]

In other words, within wikitext, I want to reference the search term
that was passed to Special:Search, so I can pass it in turn to my own
special page, Special:MyPresetPageTypes.

The underlying problem is how to pass this value from within wikitext to
Special:MyPresetPageTypes. Perhaps there's a way to do this without a
query parameter.

Thanks for any advice.


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