[Mediawiki-l] Problems with CompressOld.php

Alejandro Sánchez erchache2000 at gmail.com
Mon May 7 18:07:25 UTC 2007

Hi, I apply CompressOld.php to my wiki and when try to see differences
between history pages appears this error message:

*Fatal error*: Call to a member function uncompress() on a non-object in *
/var/www/includes/HistoryBlob.php* on line *256*

When retry to apply CompressOld.php this other shows and i dont understand
what is this:

root:/var/www/maintenance/storage# php compressOld.php
Compressing database wiki

Starting from 0 of 88302
8310    Usuario:Wiki Array
    [rev_page] => 8310
    [0] => rev_id < 303561
    [1] => rev_text_id=old_id

I see on some forums and on mediazilla pages that CompressOld.php has a bug
and was fixed. But i dont know how to apply this fix.

Can anybody help me before send a bug to mediazilla?


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