[Mediawiki-l] Strange "Too Many Connections" Error

Andrew n marshall Andrew.n.marshall at mail.com
Mon May 7 15:42:42 UTC 2007

I'm running a small, personal, rarely used MediaWiki site.  Actually, 
two, off the same server and database.  Because of lack of PHP 5 support 
at my host, I'm using MediaWiki 1.6.10.

Yesterday, one of the two wikis stop working, returning the following error:
  WeddingWiki has a problem
  Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.
  Try waiting a few minutes and reloading.
  (Can't contact the database server: Too many connections (

Now, if this was really a database problem, then I would expect the 
other wiki to give similar errors.
  And phpMySQL should have stopped working as well.  But those work just 
fine, and only one wiki is having problems.

Searching, I found two similar errors.  At wikipedia:
is oriented toward contributors, and the error text doesn't quite match 

On this list, one other person mentioned the error back in Sept 2005, 
but he was told to just fix his MySQL number of connections.  Again, 
because this only happens in one instance of MediaWiki, I do not believe 
the problem is in the database.

Any ideas out there?

Please CC: me on any replies.


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