[Mediawiki-l] Standalone MediaWiki syntax parser ?

Huang Anna anna.huang.1 at gmail.com
Fri May 4 04:36:57 UTC 2007

Dear List,

Probably this question has been asked for several times, but after looked at
the Alternative Parsers page on the MediaWiki website, googling and digging
the list, I still  can't find a usable syntax parser.

I want to use a complete standalone MediaWiki syntax parser that renders
wikitext segments into HTML pages, without a MediaWiki installation and any
functions associated with the MediaWiki software. I also prefer parsers
written in Java, Perl or C language.

I went through the parsers listed on the Alternative Parsers page, the
WikiOnCD, Perl MediaWiki Emulator seems can statisfy my requirement, but
unfortunately both of them are not available  Can anyone send me a copy so I
can try out?

I also tried the parser module in the Eclipse Wikipedia Plugin, but the page
it generates differs greatly from the actual HTML code generated by
MediaWiki engine. Is there any other Java parsers?

Many thanks in advance.


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