[Mediawiki-l] New extension: Semantic Forms

Yaron Koren yaron57 at gmail.com
Fri May 4 01:23:26 UTC 2007


I created a new extension for MediaWiki, "Semantic Forms", that allows
for user creation of forms for adding and editing pages with semantic
data, provided that data is represented through templates. This may be
of little interest to those who aren't involved with the Semantic
MediaWiki extension in some way (currently Semantic Forms won't fully
work unless SMW is installed), but I wanted to publicize it here. You
can download the code, and see documentation and examples, at this


Any comments and questions are welcome. Comments on the source code
are very much appreciated as well, if you have any interest in going
through it.

If all goes fine, I'll add a page for it on mediawiki.org soon.


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