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revansx at cox.net revansx at cox.net
Tue May 1 00:16:34 UTC 2007

was it my post on TocNumbers what caused this thread?
if so I'm sorry. I do try to RTFM as much as I can before I post.

- rich (revansx)

---- Frederik Dohr <fdg001 at gmx.net> wrote: 
>  >> Given the amount of volume on this list, it is probably useful for us
>  >> all to remember that there IS a searchable archive of these messages
>  >> available
>  >
> > It might also be a good idea to have that added to the bottom of a
> > mails.  Something like 'Searchable archives available at .....'
> Another (or additional) way might be to send a concise weekly reminder, 
> containing the basic guidelines (like netiquette* and "RTFA!"), and 
> maybe also a few FAQs.
> I think the OpenOffice Users list does that - though I haven't followed 
> that for quite a while now...
> -- F.
> * My pet peeves: Imprecise subject lines and people not replying to the 
> correct message (thus screwing up the conversation tree)...
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