[Mediawiki-l] Looking for experienced WikiPedians to help run a new wiki

Sam Odio sam at bluwiki.com
Tue Jan 30 01:06:46 UTC 2007

Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for help with a project I started a few years ago.   
BluWiki is a free wiki host, which was started to allow anyone to  
publish online.  There's no censoring or annoying advertising.    Its  
still pretty small, with an average of maybe ~300 edits / day.   
However I think it has a lot of potential.  I'm looking for some  
experienced Wikipedians to help me improve and maintain the project.   
No technical knowledge required...

If you're interested, shoot me an email.

Although BluWiki isn't making any money, I can try to compensate you  
non-financially.  This might include:
- Rights to my first born son
- Server space / shell access on a dedicated Gentoo machine w/ plenty  
of spare resources (please don't abuse..)
- A percentage of any donations to BluWiki
- A major role in the future direction of the project
- Anything else you can think of that's fair...



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