[Mediawiki-l] Wrong spanish page titles or ugly urls with non-ascii

Joshua Oreman oremanj at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 06:17:21 UTC 2007

On 1/27/07, Luis Zarrabeitia <kyrie at uh.cu> wrote:
> Hello.
> In my attempt to use mediawiki for my faculty's intranet, a new obstacle just
> caught my attention. I guess this would happen with most languages, not only
> spanish.
> Question in this message:
> *) Is there a way to make somthing like the Wrongtitle template, that instead of
> showing the "technical restrictions" message, would just render the right page
> title? I'm not afraid of digging into the code if necesary, I just need pointers
> on where to begin.

You're asking how to solve this problem in a specific way that would
be hard, instead of just asking how to solve the overall problem,
which happens to have an easy solution :-)

Make redirect pages.  `Logica' without the accent points to `L\'ogica'
with the accent (I have an English keyboard too :-) etc.  When people
type in Logica in the URL, they get the accented page; they can use
[[Logica]] or [[Logica|L\'ogica]] or [[L\'ogica]] for accents (\'o
representing the acute accented o), though the first will give in-page
text "Logica" instead of "L\'ogica"; it will Just Work, hopefully.

I'm pretty sure this is done by at least some of the foreign language

If you have many such pages, you may be able to automate the creation
of redirects; hook page creation and renaming, perhaps.

Hope this helps.

-- Josh

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