[Mediawiki-l] Wrong spanish page titles or ugly urls with non-ascii

Luis Zarrabeitia kyrie at uh.cu
Sat Jan 27 15:21:52 UTC 2007

In my attempt to use mediawiki for my faculty's intranet, a new obstacle just
caught my attention. I guess this would happen with most languages, not only

Question in this message:
*) Is there a way to make somthing like the Wrongtitle template, that instead of
showing the "technical restrictions" message, would just render the right page
title? I'm not afraid of digging into the code if necesary, I just need pointers
on where to begin.


Most of my page titles have accents, tildes or other non-ascii characters. For
instance, a link to the page about Logics ([[Lógica]]) would be
http://mywiki/wiki/Lógica, wich in turns would get rendered by the browser as
http://mywiki/wiki/L%C3%B3gica. Not only that url is near-to-impossible for our
users to learn, but also to type if they know that "%C3%B3" is "ó" but don't
have an spanish keyboard available (very common, as most people in my faculty
find the english layout a lot easier for programming). So I proposed the idea of
using either [[Logica|Lógica]] or rewriting the [[]] parser code, so that the
[[Lógica]] link would get rendered as "Lógica" in the text, but link to

So far, no problems... except that when the user visits the now /wiki/Logica
link, the text reads "Logica" as the page title (I know it is parsed directly
from the URL, so it wasn't unexpected). Is there any way to make the page
display the right title instead of the one parsed from the url? (something like
the {{Template:Wrongtitle}}, but instead of rendering a "technical restrictions
warning", just fixing the title). I'm not afraid of digging into the code, but I
just don't know where to start.

On a related note, I would like to be able to correct some misstypings on the
url, i.e, if the url does not exist and there is another very similar
(levenshtein distance), return a redirection page pointing to the right article.
This seems more complex, so I won't dig into it just yet, but if you know of an
extension that would let me do this, please tell me.

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