[Mediawiki-l] Wrong time shown in ~~~~ signatures

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Sun Jan 28 02:40:36 UTC 2007

> Without additional configuration, the time shown in signatures, etc.
> will be in UTC as this is saved into the page content and isn't
> processed per-user.

That's odd then - UTC is 2007-01-28 02:30, my local time is GMT+10
(2007-01-28 12:30) and the time appearing in my signatures is 2007-01-28

> I say "without additional configuration" because there are some
> configuration variables which deal with timezone offsets on the server
> side, and these will alter various aspects of date/time handling.

Ah yes, I had a look through DefaultSettings.php and I see there's a
variable for signature times.  This was set to null (meaning the OS
default) however the OS was configured for GMT+10 and the signatures
were appearing as GMT+11 ("EST").  I changed this to "GMT" in
LocalSettings.php and all the signatures are now correctly displaying
GMT times.

Thanks for your help!


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