[Mediawiki-l] '/' trick in subpage links

Ittay Dror ittayd at qlusters.com
Wed Jan 24 19:18:08 UTC 2007

i thought the '/' at the end is the equivalent of the pipe trick for sub pages. it is quite useful, since in many cases, the context is known from the page and the '/' trick doesn't require me to give the link text. in my case, the wiki documents a product. so 3.1/Manual/Overview is the overview page in the 3.1 version's manual. in the overview page, i have links like [[../some feature]]. without the '/' trick, the text will be rendered as '3.1/Manual/some feature', which is too long, since 'some feature' is enough. when the user clicks the link, the title will be '3.1/Manual/some feature', which is ok i think.

Rob Church wrote:
> On 24/01/07, Ittay Dror <ittayd at qlusters.com> wrote:
>> if i use '[[../../a/b/]]', the text is a/b
> That sounds like a bug.
>> i think it is more logical, that in the second case, the text will be 'b'. that is, the last path componont, not just the part without dotdot. i think it is better, since adding '/' at the end strips some path components anyway.
> No, because pages don't exist in "paths" - pages exist as a whole.
> Therefore, the default link text should consistently and reliably
> inform the user where they are going.
> There might be some scope to sort out the pipe trick to work properly
> with subpages, though, but then one reaches the obvious problem of how
> much of the title to exclude.
> Rob Church
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