[Mediawiki-l] Breaking up excessively large pages

Charles Martin Charles.Martin at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 23 22:31:02 UTC 2007

We've got a page of ridiculous length made up of zillions of top-level 
(I think h2-level, really, "==" headings) with internal links using the 
[[#name]] syntax.

Does anyone know of a tool for converting such a page into many pages, 
breaking on the top-level headers, and preserving the links?  It seems 
like a fairly straightforward perl program, but it would be even better 
if it could be done by someone *else's* code.

Once you managed to convert the one file into many, how can they be 
loaded into mediawiki?


Charlie Martin
        Charles R. Martin | Sr Staff Engineer | Sun Microsystems
                         charles.martin at sun.com

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