[Mediawiki-l] A couple of cookbook questions

Charles Martin Charles.Martin at Sun.COM
Fri Jan 12 16:30:17 UTC 2007

Folks, a couple of questions, and I'm a complete n00b, so be kind:

(1) I need to let users upload HTML documents (HTML output from Microsoft Project, actually) and link to it so we can see the project files in our project wiki.  Does it suffice to add '.html' to the uploadable types?  Then (it would appear) you'd just treat the html file as a Media link.

(2) This is probably some fool Apache issue, but I still hope someone might have an idea.  On our diff pages, when you try to look at the difference between two versions, instead of seeing the difference, you're presented with a file download asking if you want to download index.php.  

This is obviously undesirable.  Anyone got any ideas?

(3) Is there such a thing anywhere as a "cookbook" for doing administrative tasks for mediawiki?  Some of the faqs seem to have some of this, but I often don't seem to find what I need.

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