[Mediawiki-l] Empty home page after installation

Rob Church robchur at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 09:25:54 UTC 2007

On 10/01/07, Robin Faichney <robin at robinfaichney.org> wrote:
> I guessed this might be the same problem as Jan was seeing, ie this
> behaviour from 1.8.2 while all other versions work fine, so I tried
> 1.7.1 and it works. I'm going to stick with that for now. Thanks
> anyway.

Haphazard guessed workaround based on the most common problem people
are having with 1.8.x for "no apparent reason":

Set $wgDisableCounters = true; in LocalSettings.php.

If this works, then the problem should be fixed in the 1.9 branch,
1.9.0rc2 is available now.

Rob Church

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