[Mediawiki-l] Empty home page after installation

Jan 2036 at gmx.de
Wed Jan 10 10:27:30 UTC 2007

Hello Robin!

Robin Faichney schrieb:
> I guessed this might be the same problem as Jan was seeing

Yes, seems so. Downgrading to 1.7.1 helped :)
I think, Brion now identified the reason with the Zend Optimizer.

> I'm going to stick with that for now. Thanks
> anyway.

In the last days this bug seemed to be fixed in the 1.9-svn-trunk, so in the 
upcomming 1.9 release this will be fixed. This this bug:

1.9 will be release today or tomorror ... in the notes you will find:

=== Zend Optimizer ===
A bug in some versions of PHP 5 and Zend Optimizer which was triggered under
MediaWiki 1.8.x has been worked around by disabling some internal debugging
features when Zend Optimizer is loaded. This should solve some common
"blank page" problems.


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