[Mediawiki-l] Somewhat OT: wiki about corporate wikis?

Tim Doyle tim at greenscourt.com
Tue Jan 9 16:00:29 UTC 2007

There was an excellent discussion called "Organizational Uses of Wiki
Technology" at last year's Wikimania Conference. Unfortunately it looks as
thought that information is lost as I don't see any uploaded abstracts and
it appears that no audio or written abstracts were captured.

I listened to this presentation and had planned to review the content in
detail later, only to find out it hadn't been captured. :-(  If anyone
attended and took notes, I'd be interested in them.


Tim Doyle

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The topic of corporate intranet wikis seems to come up a lot.

Does anyone know of a wiki about corporate intranet wikis? Both technical
and social aspects.

Of course, Googling "corporate wiki" produces commercial wiki engine sites
and occasional news and blog posts ...

- d.

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