[Mediawiki-l] MediaWiki 1.9.0rc1 available for testing

Alexis Moinet alexis.moinet at fpms.ac.be
Tue Jan 9 15:08:24 UTC 2007


I've noticed that when I go to Mediawiki:Sidebar (as a Sysop) in 1.9.0 (rc2), I get the page as usual, but there are mising tabs, then when I click on Edit, I get the following :

"You've followed a link to a page that doesn't exist yet. To create the page, start typing in the box below (see the help page for more info). If you are here by mistake, just click your browser's back button."

HOWEVER, the text is already there

* navigation
** mainpage|mainpage
** portal-url|portal
** currentevents-url|currentevents
** recentchanges-url|recentchanges
** randompage-url|randompage
** helppage|help
** sitesupport-url|sitesupport

Moreover, if I go to Special:Allpages --> namespace : Mediawiki, I got an empty page.

Fresh install, php 5.1.6, mysql 5.0.24, WinXP, all of this as a Sysop. (no problem with 1.8.2 fresh install)

Does anybody noticed this ?

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