[Mediawiki-l] Access restrictions

Robin Faichney robin at robinfaichney.org
Mon Jan 8 19:00:03 UTC 2007

Hope this isn't off-topic here.

I prefer playing with things to reading documentation, but I can't
play with mediawiki just now for reasons given in another thread, so
I've been looking at the docs and it seems it might be difficult to
get it to do what I want.

That is: have a site a bit like a blog, in that anonymous users can
read anything, people can comment on articles (ie add to talk pages)
-- though maybe requiring registration/login -- but nobody can edit
articles except the owner. I found the Preventing Access page on Meta
but that doesn't seem to cover my case. I'm willing to copy hacks
that others have developed and tested but not to do experimental
hacking myself. Do I need to look elsewhere for this functionality?

(My site is actually setup as a blog just now, see the link in the
sig, but I'm not entirely happy with that because most of the content
will be static, with most posts being just announcements of changes to
the static content. Also, static pages can't be commented on right
now, though I think that's fairly easy to fix, in the theme.)

Robin Faichney
The Invisible Eye on Consciousness

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