[Mediawiki-l] Empty home page after installation

Robin Faichney robin at robinfaichney.org
Sun Jan 7 20:04:40 UTC 2007

I just did a fresh installation, details below, and I'm getting a
blank home page. If I view the source I see basic HTML header lines
and an empty body. I looked in the archives and it seems like this
might be a bug with 1.8.2, but I'd rather get some feedback before
going to the hassle of downgrading. I moved LocalSettings.php as
required. Win Server 2003, IIS6, PHP5, MySQL 4.1 The other
installation details are (**** obscures some details for security):

PHP 5.1.6 installed
Found database drivers for: MySQL 
Warning: PHP's register_globals option is enabled. Disable it if you can. 
MediaWiki will work, but your server is more exposed to PHP-based security vulnerabilities. 
PHP server API is cgi-fcgi; using ugly URLs (index.php?title=Page_Title) 
Have XML / Latin1-UTF-8 conversion support. 
PHP is configured with no memory_limit. 
Have zlib support; enabling output compression. 
Couldn't find Turck MMCache, eAccelerator or APC. Object caching functions cannot be used.
GNU diff3 not found.
Found GD graphics library built-in, image thumbnailing will be enabled if you enable uploads. 
Installation directory: C:\Domains\****
Script URI path: 
Environment checked. You can install MediaWiki. 
Warning: $wgSecretKey key is insecure, generated with mt_rand(). Consider changing it manually. 
Generating configuration file...

Database type: MySQL 
Loading class: DatabaseMysql
Attempting to connect to database server as ****...success.
Connected to 4.1.21-community-max-nt-log 
Database **** exists
Creating tables... using MySQL 4 table defs... done. 
Initializing data...
Created sysop account ****.
Initialising "MediaWiki" namespace for language code en... 
Done. Updated: 0, inserted: 1495, kept: 0. 
Creating LocalSettings.php...

Installation successful! Move the config/LocalSettings.php file into the parent directory, then follow this link to your wiki.

Robin Faichney
The Invisible Eye on Consciousness

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