[Mediawiki-l] Template to list 10 most recent created pages

Vernon Thommeret synotic at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 19:12:07 UTC 2007

> From: "Rob Church" <robchur at gmail.com>
> Date: January 2, 2007 6:33:39 AM EST
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> Subject: Re: [Mediawiki-l] Template to list 10 most recent created  
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> On 02/01/07, Vernon Thommeret <synotic at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The extension works well enough for me, but I just have a minor quip:
>> addHTML() seems to be ignoring any newlines I put in. Is there a way
>> to get around this? I also can't figure out how to remove the
> I'm not quite sure what you mean. Where are you adding newlines? A
> newline character is totally meaningless within HTML, remember - we
> have paragraph markup, and line breaks for that.

I'm just trying to present my markup a certain way. For instance,  
instead of "<ol><li>", I'd format my code as "<ol>\n\t<li>". Using  
$wgOut->addHTML, this generally works (and I've tested it in other  
extensions), but it seems to have a really curious behavior in the  
Newestpages extension. If I write "$wgOut->addHTML("coca\cola")" in  
the other extensions I've tried, I get the expected "coca" followed  
by a newline, followed by "cola". However, with Newestpages I get:  
"<p>coca</p>\ncola". It almost seems as if it is using addWikiText  
instead of addHTML, but in my tests, addWikiText adds simply  
"<p>cocacola</p>" given "coca\ncola".

All of this behavior is even stranger when I look at the only  
definition for the addHTML function:

function addHTML( $text ) { $this->mBodytext .= $text; }

There seems to be nothing that would cause it to do anything but  
append the text to the main text. Could the text be somehow filtered  
before it gets sent? Again, I realize that this is a minor point, but  
I like to keep clean, functional markup, and a lot of extraneous  
"<p></p>"s and confusing markup display defeats that.


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