[Mediawiki-l] Problem Converting SVG Images to thumb with imagemagick

Javier Valcarce García javier.valcarce at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 01:46:35 UTC 2007

> rsvg (from librsvg), which is quite straightforward to compile,


If you have gtk 2.10 and the other libs installed, yes, it is. But in
my case I have a wiki in a shared web server hosting plan and They
don't want to install anything so I decided to do a full static
compile of rsvg. Including libsfg, librsvg, libgtk, etc

I tried
export LDFLAGS="-static"
before ./configure, make, make  install but this only includes librsvg
in rsvg executable, not the other dependencies.

Is posible to do what I'm planning?


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