[Mediawiki-l] Use Special:UserLogin as Main Page

Frank Fulchiero fful at conncoll.edu
Wed Aug 1 12:03:25 UTC 2007

Sorry, I'm somewhat of a noob. But why not just make them log in at  
the main page URL, like we did in this wiki:


afaik, there is no way they can go to another page unless they log in.

This would be controlled by

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['read'] = false;

in LocalSettings or DefaultSettings

Frank Fulchiero
Digital Media Specialist
Connecticut College

> From: "Jason Spirko" <jspirko at xorantech.com>
> Subject: Re: [Mediawiki-l] Use Special:UserLogin as Main Page
> We are using MediaWiki for our company wiki, when a employee goes  
> to our
> wiki they are taken to the main page and then they are able to  
> navigate
> through the site. I want the employees to login *before* they are  
> directed
> to the main page (or any page for that matter).
> I use namespace protection throughout the site and to make it  
> simpler for
> the employees it would be easier if they logged in first (every  
> employee has
> an account w/permission to edit various namespaces). Some employees  
> are
> confused by the login "errors" they receive when they want to edit  
> a page.
> After I explain that its not an error and that they need to login  
> to edit
> pages they understand. But I'm just trying to curb these panic  
> attacks by
> making them login before they are even allowed to access the site.

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