[Mediawiki-l] "Not logged in" in red near the "Save button"

Eric K ek79501 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 28 17:37:52 UTC 2006

A few years ago I had strongly protested (like some other people) how easy it is to inadvertently have our IP revealed on Mediawiki. Finally a text was put in at the top which says now "You are not logged in".
  This text is still hard to see. What should really be there in addition is "Not logged in" in bold RED right below the "Save Box". THATS the most crucial time when we need to know if we are not logged in.
  Any idea of how I can do this on my wiki? And yes, I inadvertently just now put on my IP address on one of the MW websites for all the World to see. Great.

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