[Mediawiki-l] Wikipedia Tool Bar 0.8.0

Mauro do Carmo mauro at carmo.info
Wed Oct 18 18:24:27 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

I've installed in my windows XP Wikipedia Tool Bar 0.8.0 and FireFox  version

Every thing seems work. I've seen the changes in the firefox like the option on the drop menu by right clicking, etc.

However, when I try to edit some page, the action just doesn't go through.

Anyone has had this kind of odd symptoms? So, any clue in orde to solve that?

Thank a lot,

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|Mauro do Carmo wrote:
|> Thanks,
|> My wiki is version 1.6.8. And my problem is this:
|> I use a Portuguese version of wikimeadia. In this version whenever I type the namespace 'template',
|it changes to 'Predefinição'.
|> And that is what I want to change this word 'Predefinição'.
|> I've checked in language/Language.php, and in this file I've not found the word 'predefinição', so
|I think there is another setup to
|> change it.
|> I will really appreciate if you or someone give a clue...
|> Thanks again,
|> mauro.
|Change in languages/LanguagePt.php, then. The array name is $wgNamespaceNamesPt.
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