[Mediawiki-l] SQL Query Question ..

KlinT klint at klintcentral.net
Fri Oct 13 09:13:49 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Well, I'd like to write a SpecialPage in which I'll list data from a  
MySQL Table.

I'm able to do it if I use an external MySQL database ( not the one  
where the wikidb is ) ... But when I try to query a table in a  
database located on the same MySQL ( the one whet wikidb is ) ... I  
get a php exception ...

So I had a look to the php code inside special pages provided by  
MediaWiki ... And I've found that Special internal functions are  
used ...

Please can somebody give me some informations about howto write a  
simple request using $wgXXX functions ?

Pointing me to relevant documentation will be ok ... :D

Best Regards.

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