[Mediawiki-l] Display a page's last-changed data from *another* page?

Matt England mengland at mengland.net
Mon Mar 20 18:25:57 UTC 2006

I want to display a list of pages in one page, and adjacent to the page 
links, I want to show the last-changed-date of each of the pages (and 
potentially the page's author, but this author reference is not as important).

Can this be done?  Maybe something like:


...could produce this time-stamp "meta" reference?


I am a manager, mostly for a software-development-based project, and I have 
found it very convenient for my reports to keep their own status wiki page 
tracking their progress, and also have project collection pages tracking 
group progresses (we also use a lot of other collaboration tie-ins with 
Subversion, blogs, Bugzilla, RequestTracker task tracking, forum-email 
links, etc) to support this stuff.

One application of the above feature request would be for me to scan a list 
of individual or project status to pages to see which ones have changed 
recently or when then have changed at all.


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