[Mediawiki-l] Again: RSS feed fails at RecentChanges

Uwe Baumbach U.Baumbach at web.de
Tue Mar 14 22:28:44 UTC 2006

"Amit Vyas" <amitvyas.cse at gmail.com> wrote:

> yeah I have edited few php files and after I had removed line it is working
> now;
> But I know whether i should expect this at
> http://www.indiaonpix.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:Recentchanges&feed=rss
> Thanks ppl I got it fixed; Uwe there is surely some blank lines;

... and you were so right!!
THX a lot!

Exactly what you said: an additional CR/LF in a changed include file at 
the end after "?>" ...

Now it runs fine.


Ich freue mich auf Deine/Ihre Antwort!

Uwe (Baumbach)
U.Baumbach at web.de

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