[Mediawiki-l] Thumbnail images not showing

Farrell, Bob (SRI) Rob.Farrell at uk.bp.com
Tue Mar 14 17:25:38 UTC 2006

Hello all,

Small question regarding displaying images.  Using the following syntax
to display a thumbnail of a larger picture:
[[Image:imagename.jpg|thumb|right]].  The place holder appears, but the
image does not (viewed in IE6 - small white icon with red X, vewied in
Firefox, the placeholder appears again, with nothing but a small line
that, when hovered over, shows image link).  The homepage for the image
itself does not contain a picture of the image, but when clicked, shows
a full size version of the image.

Troublshooting information:  	Image displays okay when using "frame"
instead of "thumb".
				Any image type displays the same result
using "thum" modifier (if that's the right terminology)

Any ideas?  

Will accept direct mails.

Bob Farrell

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