[Mediawiki-l] MediaWiki v1.5.6 install on FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE-p2 *jail* (part 1)

Roger Chrisman roger at rogerchrisman.com
Sun Mar 12 04:56:27 UTC 2006


It was a little bumpy. So I'll log what I did here. Advice always 

My system:
* An amd64 CPU running FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE-p2, with 2G DDRAM.
* Jailed -- my access to the server is limited to a Jail within the 
server; I have almost an entire server environment within my jail but 
because it is within a jail I do not have controll over the kernel and 
some other stuff which limits me in ways that it helps to be aware of. 
(For example, setting up a firewall does not work within a jail because 
a jail does not controll the network interfaces on the actual host 
* Hosted by the California Community Colo project at the HE data center 
in Fremont, California.

MediaWiki v1.5.6 install
1) I updated my ports tree with:

   # cvsup -g -L 2 -h cvsup11.freebsd.org \

2.0) I tried to install /usr/ports/www/mediawiki with:
   # cd /usr/ports/www/mediawiki
   # make install && make clean
but that failed at installing required php5-mbstring and reported
"./configure.lineno: 6506: Syntax error"
a bug in the compile script probably.

2.1) So I tried to install the dependency php5-mbstring with pkg_add 
instead (pkg_add installs a precompiled binary instead of trying to 
compile it on my system from source the way ports does).
   # pkg_add -r php5-mbstring
but that failed at installing required apache1.3.33 because I have 
apache2 already; it reported
"pkg_add: package 'apache-1.3.33_1' conflicts with apache-2.1.4"

2.1.2) So I installed the dependency php5-mbstring with the -f (force) 
flag so that it would not balk at my apache2.
   # pkg_add -r -f php5-mbstring
(Alternatively I could have switched to using apache-1.3.33 which is an 
excellent choice I'm told but I chose not to do that because I have 
apache2 already running another site and didn't want to convert things)

2.2) Now, with php5-mbstring already onboard via pkg_add I succeeded 
   # cd /usr/ports/www/mediawiki
   # make install && make clean
worked (installed MediaWiki v1.5.6). Hurray!

It is in

And next I will attempt

That's enough for part 1. Part 2 will log me getting MediaWiki 
running... coming soon.

Thanks for generous help from in the know folks.
Roger Chrisman  *  Palo Alto

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