[Mediawiki-l] Uploading files bigger than 100 kb and generating thumbnails automatically by the MediaWiki-Software

Mathias Peres wikipedia at peres.name
Sat Mar 11 23:11:22 UTC 2006


I currently have problems with uploading files (especially image files) 
bigger than 100 kb and creating thumbnails automatically by MediaWiki.
After a long time of searching, I found the reason for this problem:
The order "shell_exec" in the file "image.php", line 1037.

I´ve asked my provider if there is any restriction that disallows the 
execution of "shell_exec" and there actually is one...
They suggested to create a .htaccess-file containing the command 
"AddHandler php-fastcgi .php .php4" in the root directory of the wiki.
I tried, but the wiki does not work, if that file exists... Moving the 
.htaccess-file to the directory "includes", where "image.php" is 
located, does not effect anything...

Is there any other way to get it working?

Thank you so much!


PS: If this is posted twice, I´m sorry! I had connection problems while 
posting the original mail...

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