[Mediawiki-l] Cannot edit pages: Fatal Error

FreeAll Support support at freeall.org
Sat Feb 18 20:54:53 UTC 2006


I'll try again:

I hope the symptom is clear: I have a problem editing any of my wiki
pages... it's a whole new wiki engine, and whenever I try to save a page I
get this message:
" Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: searchupdate in
/home/freeall2/public_html/arkana/arkanapedia/includes/Article.php on line

The server is Apache, It's on a host (named: Lunarpages).
I haven't tried to do any research till now, because I don't even know where
to start...

I believe the line 2122 is: "$u = new SearchUpdate( $id, $title, $text );"
And it is in the middle of the paragraph: 
			if ( 0 != $id ) {
			$u = new LinksUpdate( $id, $title );
			array_push( $wgDeferredUpdateList, $u );
			$u = new SiteStatsUpdate( 0, 1,
$this->mGoodAdjustment, 			$this->mTotalAdjustment );
			array_push( $wgDeferredUpdateList, $u );
			$u = new SearchUpdate( $id, $title, $text );
			array_push( $wgDeferredUpdateList, $u );

Well, I'm sorry I don't really know anything about it, but it's for
non-profit purposes, so I'll be very happy if anyone could help.

And again - Thanks ahead! 

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