[Mediawiki-l] Moving a wiki (1.5.6)

Campino campi at daocpedia.de
Thu Feb 9 19:43:47 UTC 2006

Hi there,
my webspace will getting low in near future and so i have to move my 
wiki to another one. The files are not the problem, but the database is 
with 160 MB "huge" (about 1900 articles) (yeah, i know, the real 
wikipedia has a bit more ;)). Because, there was a few database changes 
in the mediawiki (and i start with the 1.3.x Version) just a simple 
question: What tables i dont have to move? This is my database for now:

archive 7,5 KB
blobs 1,0 KB
brokenlinks 66,0 KB
categorylinks 522,8 KB
cur 6,5 MB
hitcounter 0 Bytes
image 391,6 KB
imagelinks 249,5 KB
interwiki 21,9 KB
ipblocks 4,1 KB
links 875,3 KB
linkscc 403,9 KB
logging 438,3 KB
math 1,0 KB
objectcache 5,4 MB
oldimage 15,6 KB
page 839,4 KB
pagelinks 2,5 MB
querycache 1,0 KB
recentchanges 634,8 KB
revision 4,4 MB
searchindex 18,4 MB
site_stats 2,0 KB
text 118,8 MB
trackbacks 1,0 KB
transcache 1,0 KB
user  386,1 KB
user_groups  3,2 KB
user_newtalk 1,0 KB
user_rights 8,8 KB
validate 1,0 KB
watchlist 168,3 KB

Whats with objectcache and cur? Can i just create the table without any 
content? Can i rebuild the searchindex on the new server, so that i dont 
have to move this through my little 128 Kbit upstream Line?

Do i have to regard other thing for the move?

Some technical informations, if needed:
My old webspace is just webspace. No console login.
My new Server is a Linux vServer, with root access.

Thanks for help!

Stefan aka Campino


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