[Mediawiki-l] Release of E-mail notification EN 2.02 for MW 1.3.11

Thomas Gries mail at tgries.de
Thu Feb 24 23:33:01 UTC 2005

Release of ENotif 2.02 for Mediawiki 1.3.11 .

Full code mediawiki 1.3.11 incl. ENotif 2.02 can be downloaded as 
http://www.tgries.de/mw/mw1311+en202.tgz .

It installs into a subdirectory /testwiki .
No new features.

Pls. read previous comment for details of installation on 
http://bugzilla.wikipedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=454 .

Accompanying documentation on http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Enotif

Hotline: mailto:mail at wikinaut.de (mention your phone number, if you 
wish. I'll call you back.)

Remember: ENotif plus EAuthent (E-mail address authentication) is 
already in CVS HEAD, both fully optional and including install.php code. 
screenshots of it are on http://meta.wikipedia.org/Enotif .

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