[Mediawiki-l] Mediawiki very slow in Firefox vs IE

Nic Suzor nic at suzor.com
Mon Feb 21 07:14:25 UTC 2005

Brion Vibber [Sun Feb 20, 2005 at 10:20:57PM -0800]:
> Make sure $wgScript is set to "/index.php". Search list archives for
> previous discussions of Internet Explorer security flaws that require us
> to be strict about incoming URLs for raw mode.

Thanks for your quick response Brion. That fixed the speed problem up. I
remember that I had set $wgScript to "/" when I was trying to figure out
the rewrite rules. I changed it because I couldn't figure out why some
links would display as http://siteroot/link while others would display
as http://siteroot/index.phplink. For example, the discussion link on
the main page correctly reads http://wikijuris.net/Talk:Main_Page, but
the edit link shows

It seems that all the links with parameters don't get built properly.
Eg Special:Watchlist but index.phpSpecial:Contributions?title=...

The changes I made to the path variables are:

    #---Rewrite rule changes
    $wgScriptPath       = "";
    $wgScript           = "/index.php";
    $wgRedirectScript   = '/redirect.php';
    $wgUploadPath       = '/images';
    $wgArticlePath      = "/$1";

I imagine this is related to the problem I had with the rewrite rules.
When I finally got my rewrite rules working properly, I had to add a
special case for URLs of the form http://domain/?title=...

As far as I can tell, none of the links should prepend $wgScript. 

Sorry, I've had a look through the archives, but can't find anyone that
has had the same problem. The only suggestion I could find was to set
$wgUsePathInfo = false;, but that didn't work.


Nic Suzor

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