[Mediawiki-l] <sort> Tag ?

N. M. Buzdor mediawiki at buzdor.com
Wed Feb 16 19:03:15 UTC 2005

> and/or using something like the *nix 'sort' command

For you Windows users, there's a pipeable sort.exe that comes with windows.
Put your text in a file, say text1.txt from notepad or anything, then in a
command window type
sort < text1.txt > text2.txt

No, those angle brackets aren't tags, they are redirects  :) .  It'll create
a new text file text2.txt that'll be sorted line-by-line alphanumerically.

Since sort is pipeable, the system() command should be able to deal with it
just fine in PHP on Windows.  But I've never actually done that.


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