[Mediawiki-l] My Newbie question

N. M. Buzdor mediawiki at buzdor.com
Tue Feb 15 22:21:34 UTC 2005

> not sure I follow you - are Categories going to do the job here? have a
> look at those. You add them at the end of the page.

Yes and no.  By default, and for categories to work as a prettyfied
"whatlinkshere" you add them to the end.  Even if you add them up a ways,
they'll end up showing rendered at the bottom of the page.  However, you can
link to a category page explicitly with [[:Category:mammals|mammals]].  The
initial colon makes it render in-line and prevents adding it to the index of
the category, and the piped name makes the link look nice.

I do this for my music wiki, I put "This artist performs
[[:Category:Rock|Rock]] [[Category:Rock]] music." The first makes the link,
the second places the article in the category.  This has the advantage that
the linking is intentional, whereas if it happened automatically then
anytime I said "The name of this band makes them sound like a [[Rock]]
group, but they actually play flugelhorn and yodel." it would put the
article in the rock category!  This would be undesirable behavior.  The
existing architecture also let you decide what a category is, "Connecticut"
may merit a category, but "Button" may not.

Other users have asked for a template-style "whatlinkshere" so they could
include it on the page intentionally as you may have meant to describe, and
that does not exist.  That is probably what you want the most.  No doubt if
and when the feature is developed, you'll hear about it here second.


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