[Mediawiki-l] Any way to auto-login using existing .htaccess credentials?

John Straffin john.straffin at duke.edu
Mon Feb 14 23:10:18 UTC 2005


I've read the meta-wiki pages about LDAP authentication and Remote Web 
Server authentication ... what I'm looking for is much more simple.

To get to where my wiki is, the user has to have already authenticated as a 
unique individual through a kerberized .htaccess method. What I want is for 
the wiki to then see the existing "johndoe" user that had logged in to the 
.htaccess method and understand that it is the same user as the wiki's 

My current wiki (TikiWiki) has this functionality by simply setting 
"Authentication Method" on its "Login" admin pane to "Web Server". I had to 
add the users by hand (with no password), but that's it -- the user can't 
even logout as the web server's authentication is still in effect.

This is about the only thing I like about TikiWiki, but it's a *very* 
important thing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance...

- John
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