[Mediawiki-l] Any way to auto-login using existing .htaccess credentials?

Thomas Gries mail at tgries.de
Mon Feb 14 23:55:01 UTC 2005


I have something what relies on a detected IP address (gethostbyaddr() = 
something), see http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1360 
Auto-login / Auto-account-creation by hostname for intranet MediaWikis . 
There is no uploaded patch (yet), but it is easy.

Please can you check, if this can be useful for you ?

John Straffin schrieb:

> To get to where my wiki is, the user has to have already authenticated 
> as a unique individual through a kerberized .htaccess method. What I 
> want is for the wiki to then see the existing "johndoe" user that had 
> logged in to the .htaccess method and understand that it is the same 
> user as the wiki's "johndoe".
> My current wiki (TikiWiki) has this functionality by simply setting 
> "Authentication Method" on its "Login" admin pane to "Web Server". I 
> had to add the users by hand (with no password), but that's it -- the 
> user can't even logout as the web server's authentication is still in 
> effect.

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