[Mediawiki-l] Google Offers to Host Wikipedia

David Wendt dcrkid at optonline.net
Mon Feb 14 21:49:08 UTC 2005

John Spikowski wrote:

>>From Internet domains to Web browsers, Google seems to have its hands all
>over the Web these days. But the search giant shows no signs of slowing its
>reach, and has offered to host the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. Wiki Media
>Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, says Google has volunteered to supply
>servers and bandwidth to the project.
>Wikipedia is an open online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone who
>volunteers. The project has become immensely popular on the Web, and is
>having problems sustaining its growth.
>Although exact terms of Google's offer have not be publicly disclosed, Wiki
>Media's board of directors is considering a deal and plans to meet with
>Google in March.
>The foundation did say that Google will not insert its text based
>advertising on Wikipedia.
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What? Really? I think this is a hoax.

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