[Mediawiki-l] Google Offers to Host Wikipedia

NSK nsk2 at wikinerds.org
Tue Feb 15 07:19:12 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 15 February 2005 00:01, Paul Johnson wrote:
> Start your own wiki

I have already started my own wikis, such as: http://www.nerdypc.org and 

A complete list of our wikiprojects is http://portal.wikinerds.org/projects

> , put ads on it.  Don't be surprised if it doesn't get hits.

They do get hits, and people do click on the ads because they are relevant and 
highly targeted, so they are interested in them.

In an advertisement poll we have ( http://portal.wikinerds.org/adspoll ):

26% of answers are "Google ads are useful or informative".
5% are "Sometimes I enjoy clicking on advertisements just to browse the Web".
16% are "This website has few advertisements, compared to other sites".


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