[Mediawiki-l] Upgrading from 1.26 to 1.3 - best way?

dan kelley Dan.Kelley at Dal.Ca
Mon Jul 19 00:57:48 UTC 2004

Further advice: keep your old "images" directory, since the database 
does not contain them, and you'll lose them if you delete your old wiki 

On 18-Jul-04, at 8:55 PM, Brion Vibber wrote:

> Nick Bell wrote:
>> 1. 1.26 is great, but I want the latest! I would rather not have to 
>> reenter all my wiki data - what's the best way of transferring it 
>> across? I've managed to get the XML export to work, but how to I 
>> _import_ it to the new site?
> There is not yet a fully functional XML import function in the wiki.
> The standard upgrade method is to just install the new version; give 
> it the existing database name/username/password and it should perform 
> the necessary upgrade steps.
> You will need to first remove the old LocalSettings.php if you try to 
> install over the same directory, and adapt any customizations to it to 
> the new version.
> BACK UP EVERYTHING FIRST -- your files and your database.
> (Keep in mind that 1.3 is currently marked as beta, in large part 
> because there have been install issues that aren't fully worked out 
> yet. On some configurations you may have trouble.)
>> 2. I don't find it very easy to search for support on the metawiki 
>> using the search What's the easiest way of finding whether somebody 
>> has answered my question about mediawiki previously?
> Google. Both meta and the mailing list archives should be indexed and 
> reachable. (Try adding site:mail.wikipedia.org or 
> site:meta.wikipedia.org to the google search to restrict results.)
> -- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)
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