[Mediawiki-l] Re: Redirection with "Location" header?

Andreas Schwarz usenet at andreas-s.net
Wed Jul 7 08:30:27 UTC 2004

Brion Vibber wrote:
> Andreas Schwarz wrote:
>> is it possible to use a Location header for redirects?
> If you really want this,

Yes, because I don't want to have the same content available under
different URLs.

> you might try adding a fake interwiki prefix 
> that points back at your wiki:
> INSERT INTO interwiki (iw_prefix,iw_url)
>    VALUES ('redirect', 'http://your.wiki.site/index.php/$1');
> Then make redirects like this:
> #REDIRECT [[redirect:Some other page]]

Thanks, I'll try it.

> This should enable the interwiki redirect mode, which uses a Location: 
> header. Be warned though that these are a pain in the ass: you can't 
> easily get back to edit the source page because there's no backlink.

Not a big problem.

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