[Mediawiki-l] Database error after upgrading to beta4

Matias Pelenur mediawiki-l at matiaspelenur.com
Mon Jul 5 21:37:56 UTC 2004

I recently upgraded from beta3 to beta4 using the CVS release tag 

I am now getting the following error whenever an edit is made; the edit 
happens, but a row is not inserted into recentchanges:

Database error
 From SeattleWiki
A database query syntax error has occurred. This could be because of an 
illegal search query (see Searching SeattleWiki), or it may indicate a 
bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:

     INSERT INTO recentchanges 

from within function "RecentChange::save". MySQL returned error "1054: 
Unknown column 'rc_ip' in 'field list'".

It looks like a new column was added in beta4 but the table schema 
wasn't updated? Do I need to run a script to upgrade my tables?


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