[Mediawiki-l] "Special Pages" appear in user's "Contributions" page

Evan Prodromou evan at wikitravel.org
Fri Apr 16 19:33:03 UTC 2004

>>>>> "BV" == Brion Vibber <brion at pobox.com> writes:

    BV> This looks like the cached output storage for some special
    BV> pages. Those probably shouldn't be saved with a user id
    BV> attached...

Actually, it'd be nice never to create them in the first place.

Tom, those special pages are caches for expensive (takes a lot of I/O
or processing) queries. Theoretically, if you turned off the users'
ability to do these queries (see $wgMiserMode), the cached versions
could be returned instead.

You can't turn the caching off right now. You can't change the

It's a relatively harmless bug. We can get it updated in the next
version of MediaWiki. I've had complaints on Wikitravel about it


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