[Maps-l] central handling of OSM-in-WP for many language versions

Tim Alder tim.alder at s2002.tu-chemnitz.de
Thu Nov 11 20:30:15 UTC 2010

I see that we are running in a problem if we integrate OSM-map in many, 
many language versions of WP (with copies of JavaScript) and must than 
change something like moving the script to an other server or want to 
integrate some additional parameters like "pagename"... So it would be 
nice to link to one central file. I get a hint that this is possible and 
other extensions like hotcat goes also this way[1].

So, for testing I wrote:

var osm_proj_map='mapa';
var osm_proj_lang='pl';

in my vector.js in pl.wp[2]  and it works with full localisation and 
reference to my Gadget-OSM.js[3] version in german WP.

The right place for the central file would be offcourse en.wp or de.wp 
in the safe MediaWiki namespace.

Some things I don't know:
*Get we trouble with this centralise way? (Other geotemplates ... ?)
*Need we an maxage-parameter in the url?
*Do we need support of https like under [1]? I don't believe so.
*Is there perhaps a performance problem?
*Is there a way to work without the hard coding of project language?

I think we would have a big benefit especially for smaller language 
versions, they have really problems to stay up-to-date, as example I can 
find there for the geohack old URLs like http://stable.toolserver.org 
and also http://tools.wikimedia.de/ .
But also the clean-up of the commons.js would be a benefit.


Greetings Kolossos


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