[Maps-l] News from OSM-integration / expand the map

Tim Alder tim.alder at s2002.tu-chemnitz.de
Tue Nov 9 18:22:02 UTC 2010

we are now live with OpenStreetMap-integration in no-, fr- and de.wp.

A first version of english documentation can be found here:

The interface is now translated over translatewiki:
So you can help to localize the application.
You can choose for the interface an other language (uselang) than for 
the map:
(german map with interface in well-known telugu language ;-))

The language selection under options is going over 190 languages (all 
Wikipedias with >1000 articles)

If the zoom level is between 0 and 6 you get automatically an osm-map 
with your locale names.

We have now JIRA for bug reports/feature requests:

It's also in the pipeline to activate the map in en.wp:
(At the beginning only as gadget because we want to have time for 
optimisation on server side.) We should also talk about what's the 
better way: Little OSM-Link now or something bigger like maps-extension 


So perhaps it's the right time to expand the tool in more wikipedia 
If you want to have it in your wikipedia language we have some wishes 
and hints for maximum success:
*Inform the other admins and people from projects like
* Write in your Wikipedia a little help-page under 
[[Help:OpenStreetMap]] (use local name for namespace "Help") so we can 
link from the map to this page. Please set an interwikilink on german 
*Have in mind that it depends on the browser cache of the user until 
they see something from the change in Commons.js . So on the first day 
not everybody see something without clearing cache.

*If the Wikipedia is larger than 100.000 articles please give us an
information on this list so we are not so surprised by additionally load
and can spread the dates of turning-on.

*Please use this chance to make a little bit advertisement for Wikipedia
  coordinates and OpenStreetMap.
	**Bring a little notice to the main page
	**Set perhaps the first days a red "new!" beside the map link.
	**Perhaps you have contact to local press...
(We will profit if OpenStreetMap would be more popular and not all 
wikipedia users known that there can be something useful behind the 
coordinates in Wikipedia)

Greetings Kolossos

(Thanks to all Supporters: Peter Körner, River, AlexRK, Magnus, 
dispenser, Raymond, 32X, Markus B., ALE!, ... and the "Verein")

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