[Labs-l] Tool Labs migration starting Tuesday

Marc A. Pelletier marc at uberbox.org
Fri Feb 28 16:37:19 UTC 2014

Hello all,

As Andrew mentionned in his prior email, migration to eqiad is slated to
begin in earnest nest Tuesday.

For Tool Labs (tools) users, the process is a bit different.  You do not
need to worry about instance migration, or worry about the guide he
provided (unless you /also/ have your own Labs project).

What Tools is doing is setting up a distinct environment in eqiad that
is functionally identical to that which is currently running in pmtpa;
for most users, migration will be as simple as use the provided command
to copy a tool to the new infrastructure, stop your jobs/bots in pmtpa,
then restart them in eqiad.  There /will/ be a few changes in how the
environment works, but the vast majority of tools will not be impacted.

I will send an email on Monday (Mar 3) with the exact commands to
perform in order to do this, as well as the final list of minor
differences to expect.

The migration window should last at least two weeks, during which you
can perform this change at your leisure.  At the end of the migration
window, any tool that has not yet been migrated will be copied over to
the new infrastructure, but left disabled (so that it can be inspected
by the maintainer(s) before starting again).  User homes will be copied
over /in a subdirectory/ of your new homes, so that you can selectively
restore what you want at your leisure.

-- Marc

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